Versengold @ Batschkapp Frankfurt (Support: Mr Irish Bastard) | 03.10.2019
We had a nice evening with Versengold and the crowd was okay, too.
Our lovely little group provided much fun and love.

Seeed @ Jahrhunderthalle Frankfurt | 12.10.2019
The second time that I saw Seeed live (2013 in Mannheim) and we had a blast. Excellent seats thanks to Sonja, perfect sound and a tight playlist.
Loved to hear Schwarz zu Blau for my beloved :-)

Ruts DC @ DAS BETT Frankfurt | 28.11.2019
40 years anniversary THE CRACK
The old boys were back in town. Like in 2014 Ruts DC provided for more a solid concert than many other (ex-)Punk-Bands I know.
Dave and Segs provide a solid rhythmn section and the classics like It was cold or Babylon’s Burning still got a lot of drive.

Boysetsfire @ Schlachthof Wiesbaden (Support: Raised Fist) | 07.12.2019
Honestly – I didn’t know the band at all half a year ago and listened to them only due to Nathan Gray’s solo work and concert in March.
But this was a true highlight of 2019, the whole show packed with energy and such a positive and human vibe throughout every intro and the longer speeches of Nathan. Marvellous performance, 10/10.


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