My fellow sad people

… could very well be my standard greeting from now on.Thanks to tante’s tweet, I just watched this video. I recommend you watch it, too.There has been almost nothing summarizing and analyzing the present situation as well as this brilliant piece does.

Von sparta, vor

State of affairs

For reasons™ I changed my header pics in Facebook and Twitter.This is the one: The #covid19 situation is boiling in Germany. Politicians, corrupt or incapable are doing everything to worsen the status. A very emotional video by a German influencer (@rezomusic) has been uploaded today, for my German speaking audience Weiterlesen…

Von sparta, vor

Winter is gone

but it’s still March 2020. We have meanwhile reached the one-year anniversary in isolation/lockdown/hiding from the virus and the idiots or whatever you will call it. I have so many thoughts in my head that I feel overwhelmed and cannot get them into any structure and feel like abandoning this Weiterlesen…