My fellow sad people

… could very well be my standard greeting from now on.Thanks to tante’s tweet, I just watched this video. I recommend you watch it, too.There has been almost nothing summarizing and analyzing the present situation as well as this brilliant piece does.

Von sparta, vor

State of affairs

For reasons™ I changed my header pics in Facebook and Twitter.This is the one: The #covid19 situation is boiling in Germany. Politicians, corrupt or incapable are doing everything to worsen the status. A very emotional video by a German influencer (@rezomusic) has been uploaded today, for my German speaking audience Weiterlesen…

Von sparta, vor


are trying to login to this blog. For three days numerous attempts from various providers located in Vietnam have been made to get access to my blog.Not wanting to test their patience and endurance, I have installed Two-Factor-Authentication and blocked the respective providers completely. Bye-bye.

Von sparta, vor

Winter is gone

but it’s still March 2020. We have meanwhile reached the one-year anniversary in isolation/lockdown/hiding from the virus and the idiots or whatever you will call it. I have so many thoughts in my head that I feel overwhelmed and cannot get them into any structure and feel like abandoning this Weiterlesen…

mussels in coconut curry in a large pot

A birthday dinner to remember

Not only was it my birthday this week1, it alsowas our one-year anniversary in isolation, so a small meeting of only the polycule households2 took place for a splendid lunch at my premises.Kim and I had been eating mussels in Brussels before Julia’s farewell party back in 2018 and Kim Weiterlesen…