They are at home of course.
Like everybody else. That’s what we alle learned to do as it is being the wisest thing to do during the current pandemic.
However, before the lockdown we managed to attend some shows and I am so glad that we did. Who knows when this will be possible again…

Conversations with Nick Cave @ Kurhaus Wiesbaden | 21.01.2020
I have written at length about the great show in Wiesbaden’s Kurhaus here

Nathan Gray @ Batschkapp Frankfurt (Support: Matze Rossi, Norbert Buchmacher, Swain) | 17.02.2020

We had just seen Nathan Gray with Boysetsfire in Wiesbaden a few weeks ago and there were some mixed feelings about the solo show.
As it was announced as ‚End Hits Records‘-Tour, there were eventually three support acts, before Nathan Gray started late. On a Monday.
Yeah well. You can do something like that but then only very few people will show up and this time the audience seemed to be asleep thoughout the whole show from the first to the last act…
Needless to say, none of the support acts were any good and I am looking forward to seeing Nathan Gray without all of that dead freight.
The show, the songs and the man himself were excellent, the new songs really are a lot more Boysetsfire than the ones on Feral Hymns.
And the company was excellent as well, thank you Kim, Jenny & Petra for the wonderful evening.

The Legendary Pink Dots @ Nachtleben Frankfurt | 23.02.2020

Not in my wildest dreams I would have foreseen to see The Legendary Pink Dots live. In fact it took their 40th anniversary to see them live for the first time.
The mood was very 80s, the band was really loud, and besides a murmured ‚thank you‘ there was zero communication with the audience.
I had not expected it to be any different, Edward Ka-Spel is too weird a character to be any different.
Jenny and me had a lot of fun on this trip down memory lane and meeting Jasmin and Nick was really niice.


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