Like in all these years I have made a playlist, a sampler, a collection of songs defining this year 2022 for me. I would like to take the time and tell you my thoughts about these songs.

Zeit – Rammstein
IMHO one of the best songs Rammstein ever made. Gorgeous video also – watch it on youtube.
Reaction videos to Zeit or Deutschland became a favourite pasttime of mine in 2022, hence I have heard the song a few hundred times for sure.
I contemplated putting it at the end of this playlist, but feared it would made things even darker than they are already.
„So perfekt ist der Moment, doch weiter läuft die Zeit
Augenblick, verweile doch – ich bin noch nicht bereit“

I am the virus – Killing Joke
Mid of November I had maybe 6 songs ready for this playlist. It wasn’t really a year for music with lots of concerts I did not attend (but paid for the tickets) and when I would have had some time for music – after surgery in October – covid put me down for good and for long. So I needed more material and turned to one of my favourite bands. I just love the raw energy of Killing Joke. Check the lyrics for this one especially.
„Death misery and tears, calculated waves of fear, drawn up by think tanks, there’s a darkness in the west“

Ritchie Sacramento – Mogwai
Quite early in 2022, spotify’s algorithm put this one on my discovery list. As I kept coming back to the song almost every week and really felt a connection to the misery and sorrow expressed it was more than logical to put it on top of this year’s sampler.
„Disappear in the sun, all gone, all gone“

Haven’t been doing so well – Frank Turner
A difficult year for my personal relationship with Frank Turner. As we decided to skip ‚Lost Evenings‚ in Berlin due to the unclear covid situation and were not able to sell the tickets, I felt a bit like I was done supporting Frank Turner – which is entirely not his fault.
But he wouldn’t be Frank Turner, if he wouldn’t find a way to speak with (or for?) me.
„I got a brand new name for an old, old friend, the doctor said it’s anxiety
And it makes a lot of sense ‚cause I’ve been so tense, some days, I find it difficult to see“

Das regelt der Markt – Dritte Wahl
What a brilliant piece of German punk. Highly political, on the left as they can come and pure fun – that thing kills live.
„Wachstum und Beschleunigung reichen sich die Hand und fahren dann gemeinsam mit Vollgas vor die Wand
Die Welt geht vor die Hunde, ich habs‘ immer schon gesagt, den kontrollierten Untergang, den regelt der Markt“

The President – Dub Spencer & Trance Hill (with William Burroughs)
Not only do they sport a hilarious name, the dub versions of many pop songs always make me wanna dance. And since this dub song was played many a time this year, I put in on the playlist. Time to chill, there will be enough tough stuff coming your way in this list…

Made up my mind – The Baboon Show
Year after year The Baboon Show deliver. Power punk at its best. And if you haven’t seen them live – do yourself a favour and go to a show. Madness, chaos and everything that is good about music uniting people.
„Everything that stinks is rotten even if you’re filthy rich
Nothing that we do is forgotten, our garbage ends up in the ditch“

Feuer – Ostbahn-Kurti und die Chefpartie
So finally I put Springsteen on this list without Springsteen. In 2019 I happened to be lucky enough to see Ostbahn-Kurti live in Vienna and was hoping to do it again some time in the future, when this covid-madness might be over or things would be safer, whatever.
Alas, this will not happen, as Willi Resetarits, the man behind the Ostbahn-Kurti-character, died this year.
I was truly heartbroken, he was such a gifted singer and entertainer, while being a kind and thoughtful human being all the time.
Farewell. RIP.
„Ich hab scho Angst vor’m Schlofn, lieg in an Feiabett
Vabrenn mit Haut und Hoar, wann mi net boid wer rett“

Into the Wild – Agent Side Grinder
In some ways a Depeche-Mode-clone. But a fun one, I really like their drive, especially in this song.
„Put on the skin I borrowed, colours that I kept. Follow the rhythms heartbeat, turning my head and see you
Glances that we left resting the fading hours – into the wild“

John Wayne Gacy Jr. – Sufjan Stevens
My song of the year, gripped me like ‚Rooks‘ did back in 2020. I had just started the documentary on Netflix, when this one appeared in my discovery list. Sufjan Stevens has accompanied me through the years, there are many of his songs that I really like.
This one tops them all, though. The melody, the lyrics and the compassion in his voice, along with the last line that make my hair stand up.
Brilliant artist, magnificent song.
„And in my best behavior I am really just like him, look beneath the floor boards for the secrets I have hid“

The turning of our bones – Arab Strap
Who does not fall for this laconic scotsman? I fell hard for Arab Strap this year, everything about them is ‚I don’t care‘. Starting with the name and the lyrics for this song.
„We’ve got the hay so let’s roll, surrender all self control.
Quick now before the bell tolls, let’s sing the sighs from our souls.“

Solidaridad – Mal Élevé
Mal used to front Irie Révoltés and has since built a solid career for himself, maintaining the style and the energy of Irie, with even more focus on the problems at hand with injustice, discrimination, misogyny, homo-/transphobia.
He is also very active concerning the refugees coming to Europe and has several projects in African countries helping the locals with water and food supply.
„Je rêve d’un monde sans patriarcat, sans oppression et sans pouvoir
Sans frontière et sans gen-ar, je sais qu’ce monde est loin de ça“

So it seems – Charlie Cunningham
He’s back. Finally a new album (in March) and new songs by Charlie Cunningham, the sympathetic brit with the flamenco fingers. And what a beautiful one this is.
Maybe – only maybe – the situation will allow for a concert in May here in Frankfurt. I am not convinced yet. Covid ain’t over, so it seems…
„Just remember to breathe before you find a new reason to fight me, don’t let it take up your time
It could get lonely just you and me only, but don’t let it cloud up your mind“

Himmel – ZSK
Time to talk about what is going on in Ukraine since Feb., 24th. ZSK have found good words and fast chords to show the anger and frustration about Russia’s stupid, ignorant and vicious strategy, starting a full scale war in this year 2022.
„Am Himmel hinterlassen die Raketen blasse Spuren, während wir uns hier bequem auf unserer Fernsehcouch ausruhen. Feuer – Rauch – ein dumpfer Knall; niemand versteht hier was das alles soll“

Kyiv Calling – Beton
Beton from Kyiv do a marvellous job covering The Clash’s London Calling and donating the earnings to Ukrainian firefighters and paramedics.
Very well done.
„Kyiv calling to the whole world, come out of neutrality, you boys and girls“

Momma Sed (Versatile Mix) – Puscifer
Once again thank you very much, my dear friend Peter for introducing me to this song in its original version back in 2008. We had just met again after a decade or so having lost contact.
You were suffering from prostate cancer and passed in 2016 due to it. Every time I hear this song, I think of you. And I listen to it quite often, more so this year, when the latest remix album of Puscifer was released.
Once again a brilliant version of one of the best songs, maybe THE best song of them all. In my book at least ;-)
„Changes come. Keep your dignity.“

Inside – Chris Avantgarde, Red Rosamond
The song seems familiar? Most likely you have watched ‚Dark‘ on Netflix, which featured it prominently, I took my time with it. It’s been on my musical radar for quite some time now and fits perfectly as the final song of this years sampler with all the hurting and pain contained in the music and the words.
„The end is drawing near, I’ll tell them that you tried. Shed a single tear now -time to say goodbye.“


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