The social media site has restricted my account…

What crime did I commit? I posted a picture of a ‚peace-demonstration‘ in the US back in the days of the second world war. Of course aimed at the bunch of weird people demonstrating for ‚peace‘ in Ukraine and wanting to stop weapons deliveries, i.e. have Ukraine occupied…

This is the status:

Why did Facebook restrict my account and made the post invisible?
„We reviewed your post again and it doesn’t follow our Community Standards.“

According to the Community Standards, the post supports illegal, criminal and/or terrorist organizations. While this holds true for the people in the picture as well as all the people demonstrating in Berlin yesterday, Facebook of course got it completely wrong.
I appealed to the oversight board and will keep you posted about their decision…


Antifascist. He/His. Get vaccinated. Wear a mask. Jede*r anders, alle Drama. Quality misunderstandings since 1963. Change is constant.

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