My dear friend herrurbach recently turned one of these dreadful Facebook chain letters into a charming blogpost and for some reason (<3)  I thought I’d do likewise.
Maybe I will put this on Facebook as well, but don’t count on it, my procrastination skills have delayed this already for enough days to fit in another 10 songs.

Now for the rules: 7 songs from your private playlist, one for each day. Not that difficult.

Let’s say I started this post a week ago. You are free to listen/view one each day.

The Sound – Judgement

From Jeopardy, their first album, onwards, I have always loved The Sound. Adrian’s voice carrying the struggle with depression. The sound of my youth.
I miss you, Adrian.

I will push at the powers that be, I will pull you close to me
And if I fall I go gracefully, no regrets, don’t pour your pity on me

Mike Scott – Bring ‚em all in

See my post about The Waterboys for further reference.

Bring the unforgiven, bring the unredeemed
Bring the lost and nameless, let ‚em all be seen

Depeche Mode – Sweetest perfection

The beat of this captured me immediately and ‚til today I think this is the best one Depeche Mode have ever written.

Things you’d expect to be, having effect on me
Pass undetectedly, but everyone knows what has got me

Puscifer – Momma Sed

Best song ever written. In my book.
Peter recommended it to me back in 2008, shortly after we met for the first time again after more than 15 years.

Changes come.

Atomship – Withered

Without Ernie I’d have never come across Atomship. Thanks for the marvellous sampler.

If you’d let me go.
Then I’d walk myself into the room, yes I will.
Then I’d lay right down and daydream of you, yes I will.

Irie Révoltés – Antifaschist

herrurbach chose ZSK in his list, I prefer Irie Révoltés :-) Still I look forward to seeing ZSK in January.

Ich frag mich, warum so viele Leute weg schaun,
ist es Angst, Akzeptanz oder Ignoranz?

Thomas Leer and Robert Rental – Monochrome Days

My pop music, when I was a teenager. Jep, that tells quite a story.

Well I don’t know if I can stand another day like this.
I’ll make a note of all the things I could have said and missed…

So much for this, feel free to adapt the idea and show what you like(d).

Beitragsbild: pixabay, public domain


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