Talking to tomate recently he mentioned Chuck’s article about a problem, I experience similarly.
Yeah, here’s me overcoming any kind of imposter’s syndrome in comparing myself to a successful writer.
It’s not that there is a lack of matters one could write long articles for any blog about, but rather the general feeling of being overwhelmed by all of what is going on. An abundance of things to write about while being unable to write about them.

Anyway, I will try to get together as many of my meandering thoughts and force them into sentences and paragraphs. Bear with me, this one will see many updates and changes, but I want it out there.

We are still in the grips of the pandemic.
In the meantime, there are >1.000 persons dying per day in Germany. All the ‚oh, we are doing so good, how come‘-voices are dead silent and for the better of it.
There is a ‚lockdown‘ in place allowing for people to go to work, even office jobs that could be done from home. The employers are not bound by any means of law or regulation to having to offer home-office for their employees. (insert screaming noises)

This so-called lockdown only affects restaurants and non-essential ventures open to the public. School and kindergarten regulations and possibilities vary from state to state and the general aim seems to be to open them up completely as soon as possible. This would be a catastrophe within a disaster, as the new b117 strain of covid is especially passed on among young people (below 20 yrs) and schools as well as the workplace being centres of infection is not really under discussion.
Education officials appear to be far beyond their depths and largely superfluous. Personally, I set my hopes for the new #zerocovid-enterprise, a combined effort for Germany, Austria, and Switzerland, arguing for a total hard lockdown for several weeks to break the infection cycle completely.

Yay, Joe Biden won the election.
Trump’s claim of fraud has been rejected by the millionths court.

Who cares?
It changed nothing, though, at least for the time being things are going from bad to worse.
Last week an insurrection at the Capitol in Washington, DC took place, with hundreds of self-proclaimed ‚patriots‘ entering the building trying to change or disturb the confirmation of the electorate by the House of Representatives – members of which had to be taken to secure locations, since the terrorists not only put up a gallows outside the Capitol but were equipped with zip-ties and stuff to create a hostage situation.
Took the media a while to call them by what they really are – domestic terrorists, trying to perform a coup, incited and cheered on by Trump himself during a rally at the White House just minutes before.
‚Hang Mike Pence‘ was shouted, as the VP had the audacity to do what is his job – to confirm the result of the electoral votes.
Following everything going on on Dec 6th, Trump was impeached for the second time and the FBI started hunting down suspects online. That was quite entertaining to watch and read on social media. Shocking otoh, but you are getting used to almost everything these days.

After these two rather bleak items, No. 3 comes in with all the good things the internet can do.

A few weeks ago only a handful of people may have known, what a ‚wellerman‘ is. Today it will have become a hard task to find anyone below the age of 50, who will not start to sing the song I put in the link automatically 😁

Nathan Evans started the whole affair on TikTok and was equally overwhelmed by the outcome on same platform, which has long made its way into Twitter and (as you can see above) Youtube.

I liked the sentiment of one person on Twitter, claiming that we experience feelings of loneliness and isolation in lockdown – similar to the guys working on the whaling ships. They were singing the shanties to create togetherness and harmony therefore it is in our nature to just do the same now on our whaling ship Corona :-D


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