» Long time ago, the „O’odham“ people used to represent „The man in the maze“ mostly on their baskets, then, later Hopi tribe picked it up for their jewellery. «

» The interpretation of this symbol vary from family to family, but the common one is that circle with a man and a labyrinth represent life, with good and dark paths, birth and death.
The man at the top represents birth (of individual, of family or of tribe). The maze under him represents the changes one goes through during life. With each twist and turn, the man becomes more understanding and stronger as a person. The dark center represents death or the begining of a new journey and thus, the cycle repeats itself.
The journey of life is a journey through a maze, beginning at birth and continuing through childhood, adulthood and finally ending in old age. «

The man in the maze accompanies through the years for more than two decades now. I first saw it on one of Helmut’s rings and was immediately fascinated by it.
On the picture is the medallion I got much later and carry to this day around my neck.


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