Midnight Oil @ Zitadelle Mainz (Support: Wolf Maahn) | 06.07.2019
„How can we sleep when our beds are burning?“
The concert in 2017 @ Batschkapp Frankfurt was magnificent and we had not expected to be able to see them again so soon.
But then Kim had to attend a seminar and Jenny was trapped in the wrong shift, so I found myself @ Zitadelle Mainz, a location I had never been to before.
The open air field between the beautiful castle and the view over the city of Mainz offered trees for shade, lots of stalls for food, drink and merch and I sat down a few metres from the stage on the grass.
Wolf Maahn is not a young man anymore and his songs did not age well, therefore I was glad when he left the stage after 45 minutes.
The men from Australia started with a bang and ‚The dead heart‘, which had the whole crowd dancing and singing instantly.
Sound was okay, got better during the first songs.
Rob Hirst took to the front in the middle of the set and showed not only his excellent drumming, but also his perfect singing.
Met Astrid in the crowd, which was a really nice surprise, she and her company stayed with us for the rest of the concert that finished with ‚One country‘, my all-time-favourite of the Oils.
What a night, what brilliance and so much peace, love and understanding.

The Dead Heart
Golden Age
Safety Chain Blues
Shakers and Movers
No Time for Games
Jimmy Sharman’s Boxers
Blue Sky Mine
Short Memory
(new song)
US Forces
Power and the Passion
Now or Never Land
King of the Mountain
Beds Are Burning
Forgotten Years
Under the Overpass
Say Your Prayers
One Country

The National @ Jahrhunderthalle Frankfurt (Support Adia Victoria) | 15.7.2019
I can’t tell for how many years I wanted to see The National in concert, but the majority of their shows in Germany was on festivals in the past. Festivals are not my kind of kink and usually extremely expensive, so I had to wait until 2019 – and just getting the tickets was kind of weird, as I was with only a very thin internet connection and in the bathroom, when I got the info :-D
Still we got very good seats @ Jahrhunderthalle and enjoyed the wonderful show and setlist.
My personal highlight was ‚About today‘ – so happy it made its way back in the set. Goosebumps and tears…
The fun part was Matt marching throgh the audience and I bet the roadies had wished for wireless microphones, but they had to make shure the cable was sufficient for the length of the arena and when Matt started to climb the balcony and stood maybe three metres to our left, sound and stage personnel became a bit agitated :-D

You Had Your Soul With You
Quiet Light
The Pull of You
Hey Rosey
Don’t Swallow the Cap
Sea of Love
Bloodbuzz Ohio
So Far So Fast
Where Is Her Head
Green Gloves
This Is the Last Time
Day I Die
Carin at the Liquor Store
The System Only Dreams in Total Darkness
I Am Easy to Find
Roman Holiday (Tour debut)
Fake Empire
About Today (Tour debut)
Not in Kansas
Mr. November
Terrible Love
Light Years
Vanderlyle Crybaby Geeks

Frank Turner @ Schlachthof Wiesbaden Open Air (Support Muff Potter & Others) | 20.07.2019

Charlie Cunningham @ Centralstation Darmstadt (Support Alex the Astronaut) | 08.08.2019

Kurt Ostbahn @ Praterwiese Wien | 23.08.2019
Crazy ideas are the best. Kurt Ostbahn in Vienna was one of those.
Though I know, the majority of people will likely have never heard anything about Kurti and his story.
Travelling to the venue I recognized that the passengers fell into two categories: Kurti-Fans and Rammstein-Fans, the latter on their way to the Ernst-Happel-Arena. In quiet moments one could hear the basslines wafting all the way to the Praterwiese.
Found a nice spot not too far from the stage after collecting some merch and was taken away by the excellent musicians and the 2:30 h-show of the 71 year old singer, who really rocked the place.
The audience was enthusiastic and sang along with almost every song, the feeling was intense.
Combined with a mellow summer night – an everlasting experience.

The Baboon Show @Colos-Saal, Aschaffenburg (Support Berri Txarrak) | 14.09.2019
Spotify may have an different view, but The Baboon Show is my favourite band of 2019. And again Jenny bit the dust shift-wise, so that Petra and me attended the show without our usual crowd. It would have been hard for Jenny anyway since Colossaal was packed and unbelievably hot and humid. We were drenched in sweat and I think that says everything about the concert. The energy started with Berri Txarrak and just reading the name I knew they were from the basque country. Oh the fond memories.
Then with a dramatic intro, The Baboon Show entered the stage and started a punk rock celebration of the special kind.
Cecilia’s frequent crowdsurfing adventures were fun to watch. And the crowd went along with one song after the other, singing along and dancing – however, one could hardly move in the venue and I still wonder, how the guy next to me in his long sleeve leather jacket survived :-D
What a night.
Definitely one of the highlights of this concert year.


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