So, covid has given us all ample amounts of time to spend with a variety of things and matters, we didn’t care much for previously. For many, learning how to properly wash your hands was a first and staying in self-isolation or lockdown for days (weeks/months) took up lots of energy to others.
By the way: WEAR A MASK!

I did quite a lot of things on my own, partly pushed onto me by extrinsically motivated powers (water…), others due to my newly found introvert side. I thrive in the presence of my peers usually and being alone 1 has lead to reflecting on many things. So today I want to tell the tale of sliding into an obsession with a certain band.
So if you would indulge me for a few, I’d like to tell you about…
… 2008.
Did you ever look up friends from long time gone on the internet? I do so regularly and it was in this very year of 2008 that I connected again with a friend from the early nineties. Peter (yes, another Peter) and I first met when we lived in the same house once and became very close, working on our cars, sharing the occasional pipe and the music. THE bonding means was music and hifi equipment.
Laaaaaarge loudspeakers.
We broke up over some disagreement about cars and it wasn’t until 2008, when I got in contact with his daughter on Facebook.
We met a few times then and he recommended a song to me that would go on heading my all time favourites list until this day:
Momma Sed by Puscifer.
Peter also mentioned that the singer was also the singer for Tool, a band, I hadn’t taken any notice of until then, but quickly became a fan. Their albums Lateralus, 10.000 Days, Aenima and Undertow were steady companions after then on my stereos at home or in the car all through the years until today.
Peter was suffering from prostate cancer already in 2008 and died in 20162.
In 2018, exactly 10 years after I first heard Tool, their first European tour in a decade or so was announced with one date in Germany – Berlin in June.
With a lot of luck on my side I got tickets for tomate, Kim, Jenny and me. Also Tool issued a new album, Fear Inoculum.

But then 2019 was filled with so many exceptional concerts and bands, so many new songs and albums that I couldn’t possibly keep track on each individual one to the extend they may or may not deserve.
One of those was clearly Fear Inoculum – I listened to it quite often, but never had the time to really INDULGE on the songs. That’s why one of the songs did not get my critical acclaim as much as it deserved it.
In 2020 I corrected that and thanks to the gorgeous video of Danny Carey’s live drumming, Pneuma was surely the song I listened to most in 2020.

Just today I had it on my speakers with the reaction videos to the aforementioned video about 20 times.
There is hardly any song that compares. The level of intricacy, the masterful performance of all musicians, the structure and the composition together with the awesome lyrics by MJK do make it my song of the decade – and there was plenty of competition, mind you.

We are born of one breath, one word, we are all one spark, sun becoming

Show 2 footnotes
  1. not lonely, never was
  2. in 2011 I paid him a visit, while he was staying at the exact same hospital I had the pleasure of being in the ICU after my crash of 2004. I was riding the Ducati there and he enjoyed the bike and the sound very much


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