… therefore it is time to change things in order to make the best of what remains ;-) 

First change will be to switch to English as the general language for my blog posts, though my written English sucks big time. But as my ‚bubble‘ has become even more English-leaning, I am sure it is the better option. And I plan to write a lot more in the months to come and will try to keep track with everything happening.

And no, I am not (at least to my knowledge) terminally sick or plan on emigrating anyday soon. Yet, there are changes on the horizon that will have a great impact on how I am planning to lead my life in the foreseeable future. At first I thought about starting a new blog, something fresh and clean. OTOH this here has such a familiar feel – like an old shoe, a bit worn out at the edges, but still the best experience. Since I am not exactly a youngster anymore I will also make use of some comfort that comes with older age…

2018 has been a challenging, a destructing and rebuilding year. Life, death, anxiety and last but not least the flu. There have been and will be wonderful people and I am grateful for all of them. Some I had to let go, some I will have to and this is just the circle of life when it comes to friendships. ‚… can’t go on forever…‘
There’s an equally joyful and hard development when it comes to music and the bands I love. There have not been many shows I attended this year and my year end sampler will speak of politics even more than the last ones. I miss Irie Révoltés, unbelievable to spend a whole year (and many more to come) without a single show of them. And there are none to fill their place, though it would be just the right time for more bands like them. Therefore I am glad for Mono & Nikitaman to take a more political stand these days and ZSK, Sookee and all the others out there on the left side. Alerta!
November will be the concert month extraordinaire this year. The Rumjacks, Adam Angst, Saltatio Mortis, Bauhaus (40 years, these anniversaries frighten me, I have seen them in their third year live…) and last but not least Frank Turner. All within 10 days, I keep coming back to oxygen tents offers on amazon…

So far for part one of a wrapping up of everything, life and the universe. Stay tuned, I will be back soon. (Pictures, why I got a new smartphone, Palais sparta reloaded and upgraded and lots more…)


Antifascist. He/His. Get vaccinated. Wear a mask. Jede*r anders, alle Drama. Quality misunderstandings since 1963. Change is constant.

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