but it’s still March 2020. We have meanwhile reached the one-year anniversary in isolation/lockdown/hiding from the virus and the idiots or whatever you will call it.

I have so many thoughts in my head that I feel overwhelmed and cannot get them into any structure and feel like abandoning this post already.
But while I am looking for the right music in the background I am hopeful, I will get through with it.

Vaccines are there but every day it becomes more evident that the government in Germany on ALL levels is way in above their heads with trying to get things organized in the fashion Germany is famous for. This reputation is lost now and I don’t see it can be regained again in this lifetime.
Merkel is clearly tired of the whole affair and will leave German politics after the elections in the fall. Due to her efforts in taking out all competitors in the recent decade, the CDU has no personnel equalling her performance of the past.
The SPD is in tatters and rightfully so. By selling out their clientele – the working class – long ago with the Hartz-IV-regulations and continuously harmless performance in the great coalition, they do not recognize being on losing ground all the time. The once-great party will finish in this year’s election at about 10%.
The Greens have shown (in Hessen and Baden-Württemberg) they don’t give a fuck about ecology and are in for the power only. And so the list goes on.
I have no idea who I will vote for, in my opinion, they can all go to hell and good riddance.

Personal situation: Waiting for a vaccination date, but with the hassle around Astra-Zeneca and the thrombosis problem, it is currently only allowed for >60 year-olds and since the delivery situation for the other vaccines has yet to get better, I might well wait for several more weeks for the shot. Luckily I got a statement from my MD that puts me in priority 2.


The biggest problem at the moment are the so-called ‚Querdenkers‘, who flood to the streets in their 10.000s in order to protest the current lockdown situation. They do this without masks and getting more violent every day. Journalists are frequently attacked and police do absolutely nothing, on the contrary, they are even fraternizing with the right-wing assholes, who make up a large part of the crowds.

The situation seems to be quite hopeless and frustration hits all-time high levels, as we are progressing into the third wave of Covid19 without any action by the government. The only thing they do is open up more and keep the kids in school, though it is clearly evident that only a complete and drastic lockdown will help in bringing down the already terrifying infection rates…

Thoughts and prayers…

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Antifascist. He/His. Get vaccinated. Wear a mask. Jede*r anders, alle Drama. Quality misunderstandings since 1963. Change is constant.

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